shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Gavin Lucky is a peripatetic teacher. Previous work of his has appeared in MacQueen's Quinterly, Shot Glass Journal and Otoliths.

Gavin Lucky

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You don't talk to people for years and years
then you fall back into their life or they fall back into yours
or there's an intersection and you just roll the window down
in your respective vehicles and shout "Hey, what's happening?"
before zooming on through.
They get married, have kids, get divorced, buy a used camaro,
sell the farm, get married again, get in an accident, find Jesus,
find themselves at the bottom of the bottle, find a can of weedkiller
and think about ending it,
find themselves at the buffet at Little Caesars at two
in the afternoon eating a stromboli, drinking cherry coke
and talking about the Kingdom of Heaven
and moving to the Philippines
(or was it Poland? bison and kolaches and great big crowds of peasants in uniform
holding up vast wooden crosses, marching across a field)
where men can be men, whatever that means.