shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Subina Aurora Khaneja. writer::artist.
A practice of abstractions in nature started my journey in creating and called to my need of understanding the self and the relationship of our physical world with our inner nature. I am driven by a need to explore all mediums to give me answers to my question 'Who I am'.

Subina Aurora Khaneja


Fairy Rings arrive through Grills:: {Surviving in covid times}

From the depths of darkness, mushroom
From the gutters and grills, mushroom
In cities and structures, grow wild and mushroom
Dancing in a circle, Fairy Rings mushroom
Underground roots survive as mushrooms
Jive In the rains, sprout as mushrooms
moist heat, bloom mushrooms
Glow in the dark, a bioluminescent mushroom
Self lit, self-effulgence, species of mushrooms
Latent potential:: evolve, derive, mushroom
Wayside wild mushrooms
Dinner plate fruit of fungi mushrooms
Flush of life, thrive, mushroom
In chaos drive, alive as mushrooms
Strive, survive, thrive & mushroom