shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Mridula Sharma is a published poet and a creative writing mentor. She has published various research papers in both literature and economics in national and international journals. She enjoys reading, writing and thinking.

Mridula Sharma



My Sundays are a conglomeration of
ordinary moments: examining stretch marks on
thighs, finding a dead rose in Frida Kahlo's biography
and concealing my turpitude within ten pages of a paper on morality.

On Sundays, I read Agha Shahid Ali
and pretend that I know
more than my five year old little brother —
so that my mother showers me with
praise that he gets for free on account of his gender.

My Sundays consist of devouring the air
because food will make my chubby cheeks fatter
and Manju aunty tells me that men do not like imperfections
and I must lose weight before marriage.