shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Celine Low is a nomad writer, painter, dancer and bathroom-singer. She holds an MA in English Literature, and her writing is either published or forthcoming in the Muddy River Poetry Review, Fifty Word Stories, One Sentence Poems, BALLOONS Literary Journal, and 9Tales from Elsewhere, among others. You can find her on Instagram @_ckye, where she posts raw drafts of her poetry.

Celine Low



Matter cannot move without disturbance
of matter.

Which is free, rock or river? Rock sets
out the water's path, and torrents carve
creases and vessels through mountains
broad-shouldered and beaten. In a cave
slow muffled drops wear away
old stone, its aggressions
paltry and peripheral

and relentless, like elbows in the city.
Passengers on the train sustain
hard, round, blue-black bumps
stamped like pennies on the ribs,

like grease on glass windows, shoulders
and fingers sliding on translucent skins, leaving
on each other imprints in the sand.