shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Alison Denham lives in Dunedin, New Zealand which is a UNESCO designated city of literature. She has been published in poetry journals in New Zealand and the UK. She has two published collection of poetry with the last being "Raspberry Money" published by Sudden Valley Press in 2014.

Alison Denham


There's fire across the Tasman

I have been away, not present, hence the need to dust.
Many of us have been away only just returning
to ourselves and to peculiar skies.
In the yellow gloom that has seeped in
I polish light strokes, beeswax to wood
making little circles, a comfort to touch
the solid furniture.
When I open the back door there is
a tang in the air I can taste.
The wind has got up. The old gum tree
with the protection order writhes and hisses.
This short holiday season has ended
with a red dawning decade
I switch on the lamp at midday.