shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Anton Floyd was born in Egypt lives and teaches in rural West Cork. Prize winning poet whose poems are widely published in Ireland and elsewhere. His debut collection 'Falling into Place', was published by Revival Press (2018) A new collection 'Depositions' is forthcoming from Revival Press in 2020.

Anton Floyd

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for VF

She sits by the window. From time to time
she lifts her head, takes in the view –
the summer field is a rippling moiré
threaded with moonlight – something sure
to charm her eye and something sure
she'll comment on. But her intent just now
is on the fragments of the tea bowl
in her hands. She is mapping the contours
of the potter's skill and finds the imprint
of the maker's mind by reading the marks
of the maker's hand. I watch her as piece
by careful piece in an act of communion
she bodies back the form. The image sticks.
The beauty of it – veining the cracks with gold.