shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Anna Lind is a professor of theoretical physics from Australia. While her main daytime work and passion is deciphering the quantum world of light and atoms, her other loves are music and poetry. Although her writing in recent years have mostly been confined to the scientific literature, she has now returned to poetry and prose writing, triggered by her friend and collaborator's recent death from an avalanche. As if woken from a long dream, she has remembered the magic in trying to write.

Anna Lind

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The Slight

I opened that envelope with expectant darting heart,
Beating excited waves on an ocean's rippling.
Possibilities swimming in amongst the little ink soldiers,
Then I read those dreaded words, 'I'm forgetting.'

Short words that strike quick to the breath,
To pieces a sharp sword slicing dream's light veil.
I retaliate with a sword of my own, a banner cry,
A plan for a revolution amongst the wronged and frail.

Or perhaps leading a grand voyage of discovery,
Into mysterious unknown lands and natives dangerous.
To escape from those who humiliate and forget you,
And pursue the worthier away from those venomous.

Or maybe composing your flowing lyrical melodies,
Weaving into a symphony rich in narratives sincere.
My reveries cut by mum's gentle hands through my hair,
'Don't worry darling, it's just a birthday party dear'.