shot glass
Issue # 3 January 2011
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Ankur Agarwal is from India. His poetry has been published before in, among others, "Paper Wall", "Barnwood Poetry Magazine", and "Cha: An Asian Literary Journal". He works as a freelance copy editor, and loves travelling and playing card games, especially sheepshead, polignac and gin rummy. He also reviews cinema, primarily European and Indian, at

Ankur Agarwal

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there's a blue rim that flies
with splatter of happiness washed
and as it tinges the blood impure
drip, drip the melted wax
all pins in the voodoo, lost in fire,
and just shapeless heads now stand
forth in farms and homes, they wave
in gestures swung with key and delight,
the poppies sing, the valley blooms
and once again the sea recedes
to the bluest pure, to the point full
one in the world to be sought or not
just terrain, terra.