shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare

Lois Marie Harrod

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Eve Enters the Smallest Bikini Contest

It's true, Eve doesn't have the muscle definition
of her modern sisters—what was she to use
for barbells? Bananas? But she thinks
there must be some men who still like their women
soft and double-chinned the way Rubens
loved her, the way Titian did her in,
that spread of thighs and heft of hip,
the way Dürer had her gazing gooey-eyed
into his own handsome face, Dürer like Adam,
always more about himself, those small breasts
he gave her from that slender rib,
not much to cover, tuffets of a twelve-year old,
but she has this going for her, she thinks,
she is the only one facing the judges,
without a navel to mar her bulge,
no omphalos, no belly button lint.