shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Suzanne Herschell lives in the harbour side community of Eastbourne across from Wellington in New Zealand. A former teacher of accelerate students and mother of four, Suzanne is a poet and an award winning artist represented in NZ and overseas. She is also a curator at the NZ Academy of Fine Arts, a selector and judge of national exhibitions and curator of NZ's 2018 Parkin Drawing Prize. Her poems have been published in Meniscus (Australia), NZ Poetry Society - A Fine Line, Blackmail Press, Shot Glass Journal, Fib Review (USA), The Ghazal Page, Plate in the Mirror 2016 Anthology, Eastbourne Anthology (Makaro Press) and National Poetry Day selections.

Suzanne Herschell

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An Ill Fit This Morphology

tear my skin
its integument of error
pick at the terror clinging in scab
to cells losing their grip
exfoliation shedding past life
so I'm no longer the former pale pastiche
scarred by the torture of words
how many metamorphoses will it take
to walk the stage in the role I'm auditioning for
stomach stretched by other births
the reproduction of our heritage genes
random recipes for life and design
I'm evolving into not what I was
replaced with a fresh façade
looking at me the same