shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare

Stephanie Kraft

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There's a Hummingbird in the Frittata

Middle-aged women must be witches skilled
in the concoction of antidotes for the sicknesses
that infect the trifles of life.

There are epidemics that breed in
the dreary still life of dirty dishes in the sink.
Freedom is a pinhole of light

that seems to shrink as one sees one's elders
growing more intent on using up small pieces of soap,
losing keys as if the world were suddenly freed from doors and locks.

Middle-aged women must be conjurors
pulling the sense of humor from a drawer like a lost sock,
rubbing the balm of the years on the bruise of the day.

Their gardens are for herbs that heal,
secret sulfurs that tint hydrangea sky blue,
laughter that finds its haven in towers of hollyhock.