shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Roger Suffling is a Canadian ecologist who finds wilderness in the neighbourhood and humanity in the bush.

Roger Suffling

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I'm bored.
It should not be so
Is it sinful to be idle day-long
When Saturday coffee has roused
My neighbours to a garrulous clean-up party
When soaring vaulted heaven reverberates, electric blue
And frenzied swifts whistle and swerve round old brick chimneys
When dandelions spring fresh, feisty green and gilded, all along the shining tracks
And royal magnolias bless the street with luminous confetti
When giggling children chase maverick kites, squealing
At the endless pranks of the unseen trickster
When motley laundry flaps noisily
In a bright parade of banners?
It should not be so
As I'm bored