shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Shannon Joy Wazny lives in a city in the middle of Canada where the seasons and nature demand attention. She has become a quiet person who writes. Shannon enjoys reading her poetry both in person and online in a virtual world. She is grateful to all those who inspire and amuse her. Shannon has been previously published in The Fib Review and in the Shot Glass Journal for which she received a Pushcart nomination.

Shannon Joy Wazny

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I Stand Near the Flower

I stand near the flower
her soul soothing fragrance
I admire her from the side
of my eye

I feel the warmth of the sun
radiate from her silken petals
the soil stampedes to be used by her
the clouds rush in to catch a glimpse of her
so vivid she inspires them to weep at her beauty
and she absorbs their graceful offering
with gratitude and nonchalance

I stand near the flower
a smile on my face
mindful if I show her the hunger in my eyes
she may cease to bloom