shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Socialist Laz-Turk poet and author Serkan Engin was born in 1975 in Izmit, Turkey.

His poems and articles on poetry theory have appeared in more than fifty literary journals in Turkey. In 2004, he published a poetry manifesto, entitled Imagist Socialist Poetry. He has been trying to launch a new movement in Turkish poetry and to this end has published numerous articles about literary theory.

His poems and articles on poetry theory have been published in English in many international literary journals all over the world, and some of his poems in English have been accepted into some international thematic poetry anthologies.

His political articles on Islam and also Armenian, Assyrian, Greek genocides have been published in many countries in many languages.

Serkan Engin

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Female Concerto

Her face is shining
on the sky of my open wounds
healing my all purple pains
by raining in my soul quietly

There is a possibility to kiss the infinity
she breeds me everyday again and again
from beginning to eternity

Her hands are blossoming
on the forgotten meadows of my skin
reminding me the red alphabet
of desire written on my body's history

There is a possibility to caress the serenity
she wakes up my deaf hopes everyday again and again
from disappointment to endless creativity