shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Gerry Stewart is a poet, creative writing tutor and editor based in Finland. Her poetry collection Post-Holiday Blues was published by Flambard Press, UK. Her writing blog can be found at http:/

Gerry Stewart

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after Alfred Stieglitz's photo of Georgia O'Keefe's

Her knuckles express time,
each bend ingrained with dirt
long after soap washes
away the imprint of the dusty garden.

The needle lost in silk,
a sliver of light sewing shadows.
Impossibly posed fingertips
gripping the fine slip of metal
like a lizard by the tail,
afraid it will break off and run away.

Leaving her with a useless coda.

In her uncurling digits we read
the desert and succulent spread flowers.
A black and white rustle of memory's fabric.