shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare

Peter J. Grieco

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At The Musarium

Series of semi-procedural verse based on word frequency lists

[34401 - 34500]

From the pov of that love-struck
Malawian, Piet, hi-tech onto-
genesis is no more than precautious
playacting. For a francophone, housefly
is to oxtail as songwriting is to
oboist. For a non-member, a kitbag
is a kickback sockdolager funambulist
& jicarilla the leitmotif leveed
against hardcore memorability.
Thus multitasking. Thus the reuse of
Santorini to orchestrate midweek
the recrystallization of homo-
typic mycology—the insessorial
stir-fry of our halm & hander.