shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Cameron Griffiths hails from Hastings, NZ. He studied history at Waikato University in Hamilton, followed by criminology at Victoria University in Wellington. He works as an Archivist and lives a quiet life in Paekakariki. His poetry has appeared in journals in Australia and New Zealand.

Cameron Griffiths

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Postcard 5

I found the photograph tucked inside a dust jacket. The woman stands on a wharf at the edge of a wide bay. A steamer in the background. Barely legible on the back: Lucia, 192?. A fragile piece of evidence of the her so often mentioned as a possibility.

There is a romance in the way age gathers on a photograph, and it makes the woman seem more and less actual. And there is something in the photograph that exists in the same fashion as the unexposed residual material of its negative. Some significance set back in a silence. A condition that entices my desperate logic system to cultivate for the woman a new space.