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"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


TS Hidalgo (44) holds a BBA (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid), a MBA (IE Business School), a MA in Creative Writing (Hotel Kafka) and a Certificate in Management and the Arts (New York University). His works have been published in magazines in the USA, Canada, Argentina, UK, Germany, Spain, South Africa, Botswana, Nigeria, India and Australia, and he has been the winner of prizes like the Criaturas feroces (Editorial Destino) in short story and a finalist at Festival Eñe in the novel category. He has currently developed his career in finance and stock-market.

TS Hidalgo

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Former Broker

I drive by a lonely area. I'm skint
(I studied at Wharton. I was incredibly competitive).
I´m listening to the radio. Rain of losers.
An advertisement. and another, and another, and another and another and
A talk about writers who were visionaries is just beginning.
They talk about Jonathan Swift.
That strikes me a bit (because, in Las Vegas, I'd bet, I swear,
that he would be the last one, or one of the last,
I would have come to mind).
I turn the corner of a street where there are hardly any cars.
In fact, only one...
What is the probability that such a thing happen?
And butterflies, many butterflies... those flying worms.
These kinds of things happen to me a lot and I get scared.
Carl Jung would have entertained a lot with me.