shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Mark G. Pennington was born 1985 and lives and writes in Kendal, UK. He has poems in TL;DR, Scarlet Leaf Review, Futures Trading, Poetry Super Highway, The Blue Nib, Not Your Mother's Breast Milk and is soon to appear in Poetry Pacific, The Oddville Press, Visions with Voices, Moledro and Cease, Cows. He has also published a first book in 2012, titled Lithium Clockwork under the name J. Rose.

Mark G. Pennington

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Woman (written in a prison cell)

I know that the truth is always hard to bear,
I see the humour but I'm shy in my laugh,
There are tears loud as echoes
And I don't ever pretend to understand

How you act when I apologise inebriated.
I swear not one more cigarette touches my lips,
I've felt that way too much because of you.