shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


I live in Northampton UK where, when not working, I write poetry and draw. I have been previously published in Shot Glass and other various places including Drunk Monkeys, Lighthouse Journal, Sentinel Literary Quarterly and Nthposition. I also maintain a website of my own work at

Tom Harding

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Night Music

All night not sleeping
but tossing and turning over
some unfavourable thought,
I lie listening to the bones of the house
creak like the inside of a piano.

Who's awake at this hour?
Just the mice rolling their life's luggage
across the attic floor, running the gauntlet
between the suitcases and heavy coats,
little refugees sailing
their slim luck in the dark.

How heavy the world must sound
creaking and heaving about them,
the house caught in turbulent night winds
like a ship settling in
the dark waters of a flood.