shot glass
nz shot glass
Issue # 2 September 2010
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare

Tim Hawkins

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Precious Metals

We gave to one another shining rings
of precious metals bearing radiant stones,
although we thought them trifling little things
for we were wed together in our bones

and in our skin, which trembled like two knives
held close against the heart of blackest night.
As one, our flesh forged steel fit to survive
the cuts and sparks made tumbling toward first light.

We formed this quickly-tempered bond by choice
just after nature's blood had made us bold,
yet for some time it's metal in your voice
that speaks of chains, and rust, and things grown old,

like rings and vows turned brittle and made frail,
and marriage cloaks that fit like suits of mail.