shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Kurt Cline is Associate Professor of English and World Comparative Literature, National Taipei University of Technology. Poems and stories have appeared, most recently, in BlazeVOX, Wilderness House Literary Review, Apocrypha and Abstractions, Black Scat, and Clockwise Cat. Scholarly articles have appeared in Anthropology of Consciousness; Concentric, Beatdom Literary Journal; and Comparative Civilizations and Cultures: Journal of the Jean Gebser Society.

Kurt Cline

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Not a Sonnet

(for John Weiners)

The rising Professor of English with emphasis on Transatlantic Studies
Smells like piss in his suit. Not much new coming out of there
I'm afraid to say, darling, o lonely lavender-scented cowboy
The thing that takes place in this place: mentalize it later
Type it script it out agenda proscription poetry=sex=power
The clique says when you will kneel on the floor in the stalls
Clack clack metallic stutter singing sutra in the sunshine
Me it's always the same: dejection intermingled with a little hope
People don't dream of death only the dead do
That's really as far as I can make out in the slowmending
Secret goings on in the university
Comparable to splenetic szysygies of any penitentiary
Even the some kinda sign your troubles will pass right on through