shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare

Charles D. Tarlton

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I thought today I would try to harvest some of those ideas that are sticking to the bottom of the box. When I reach in there for a word or a story, I normally take one from near the top.

The result is that some of the oldest ones that have fermented slowly are overlooked until they're completely out of date. Like eggs, you want the ideas that keep you afloat in the normal fracas as fresh as possible.

Still, from time to time, one of these riper, thicker, smellier, and agéd inklings can be scooped out and will fit the bill perfectly. Here's what I mean: take synesthesia; see red 7's tumbling among sky-blue 3's, and that dark black 1 perched on a dead limb.