shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare

Ross Knapp

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Ah, the simple good life of Italy. The leisurely walks down the lively loud little streets, the victorious touristy masterpieces that somehow still retain their startling beauty, the sound of steam wands and the smell of espresso wafting out of the compact community gathering grounds called coffeebars, and the respectable well-paid baristas, and the cute cobblestones everywhere, and the huge Catholic cathedrals, and the strict pseudo-scientific fashion standards, and the emphasis on eternal exteriors, and the wonderful wine, and the intoxicating sensual nights, and the morning loving, the yells and streams of fiery fights, here there is a union and balance between love and hate, here there is a perfect union and balance between worldly work and leisurely ephemeral life.