shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare

Grant Mason

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Meeting someone from Facebook

"I'm going to the hookah lounge later." she told me.
"oh, I love hookah. I was a hookah smoking caterpillar in a former life."
"like Alice in Wonderland?"
"yes. I met Alice once. a real dear. she made me tea and we discussed the Renaissance
and rodeo and road kill."
"what a strange man you are."
"not quite as strange as getting John Wilkes Booth tattooed on your ass, but yes, strange."

with that she got into her car
and I got into mine
and the sun was setting into the mountains
and the sidewalks sprawled out in every direction
following the roads home
like a dizzy wife
dragged along by her drunken husband
as he sang a song
about lost