shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Charmaine Thomson lives in New Zealand. She has an MA in Creative Writing from the International Institute of Modern Letters, Victoria University.

Her first collection of poems, Licorice, was published in 2012. Her poems have appeared in the 4th Floor Literary Journal, A Fine Line, The Shot Glass Journal, The Blackmail Press and the Fib Review, Turbine and Sport.

Charmaine studied performance music in the past and is particularly interested in the tensions between Romantic music and human behaviour.

Charmaine Thomson

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She traded her ribs for echoes,
he sold her gold for grime,
they traded the house for sand,
she was hollowed all the time.

She traded her toil for distance,
he sold his anger for toys,
they traded friends for party hats,
she played on bones for noise.

She traded her rings for repair,
he sold his felony for life,
they traded defeat over time,
she remained the unseen wife.

Uneasy as an ambulance ride,
she doesn't wish him well,
all his regret is greying now,
a blanched and boring hell.