shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Marius Surleac was born in Vaslui, Romania. He is a physicist and doing a PhD in Bioinformatics.

He publishes poetry in journals like Pif Magazine, MadHat Lit, Literary Orphans, Prick of the Spindle (forthcoming), Left Hand of the Father (forthcoming), City Lit Rag (forthcoming), Poetry Bus (forthcoming), Miracle, NTM, Pure Coincidence (forthcoming), 94 Creations, Posit (forthcoming), The Strip, The Ofi Press, Bare Fiction, Dear Sir, Mad Swirl, Uut, Poetry Super Highway, and others.

He published his first poetry book called Zeppelin Jack at Herg Benet publishing house, in 2011. He translates into Romanian, poetry by Marc Vincenz, Fady Joudah, Valzhyna Mort, Peycho Kanev and Julie O'Yang.

Marius Surleac

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my few hours old sister screams
far beyond in the pitch outside
these turn into whispers melted on the pane glass

and her cute little face turns back the moon
she writes to me about the unshapeable ghosts
that talk to her promising endless realms of
black & white & bliss & mourn & s
my sister tells me she's facing the death
wearing yellowish gloves & scrubs
watches her imbibed look cooling down
and the scythe covers the tracks where
other deaths don't keep the change