shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Anne Hollier Ruddy grew up in N.Z, had a family in the U.K, then returned to N.Z. In 2000 she relocated to Queensland where, in 2006 she started writing poetry. Her work has appeared in various Australian anthologies and online. Now back living in N.Z, she continues to write and has discovered a love of tanka and haiku.

Anne Hollier Ruddy

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It's Spring again people say
as if the change of season
is only too predictable
but look what's happening:

trees grow green fingernails
buds burst with joy
mornings become lighter
shaking off winter's weight

children play outside
there's sweetness in the air –
but alas for much of the world
at war, spring is a butterfly

resting on barbed wire
choking with chemicals
incinerated in suicide bombs
while we wring our hands.