shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Colin Bell's novel, Stephen Dearsley's Summer of Love, will be published in October 2013 (Ward Wood Publishing). He has worked as a producer/director and executive producer of arts programmes for British, American, Japanese and European broadcasters.He has published short stories, children's stories, articles, film reviews in Ether Books, Novello Publishing, Mansized, and poetry in the UK and the USA by The Blotter, Cinnamon Press, Lumen Camden Poetry, Bittersweet, Prism, Every Day Poets, Shot Glass Journal and the Fib Review. He lives in Lewes, England and writes a daily blog as wolfiewolfgang on his website

Colin Bell


Four Minute Song

Why are they no help to me now?
A father's photography – tricycle days,
landscapes once playgrounds,
small hands held by ghosts.
Why no help those four minute songs?
The Beatles' raw anthems of hope,
a Rachmaninov G minor tragedy
remembered but no longer felt.
Russian morbidity fitted the time
like the thrill of Gauloises cigarettes.
Moving away from familiar rooms,
furniture auctioned, old letters boxed,
time to write my own four minute song,
to sing unaccompanied this time.