shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Arturo Desimone was born (1984) and raised on Aruba, to parents of immigrant origins foreign to the island. He emigrated to the Netherlands when he turned 19, and after some years decidedly left Amsterdam. Since then he lived on the road, between Poland, (post)revolutionary Tunisia, and Greece, an arrangement better enabling writing and drawing. At the moment he is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, his grandparents' hometown. His poems and stories have been in the Acentos Review May 2013 Anniversary Issue; at the blog A Tunisian Girl and are forthcoming in Soul lit: Journal for Spiritual Poetry, Big Bridge and in Hinchas de Poesia, ( His drawings have been exhibited in Krakow, Paris, Trinidad, Amsterdam and on the cover of the Journal of Deleuze Studies.

Arturo Desimone


The Noise

the noise that ceases not and conquers the day by quarter past nine
by which it is more difficult to write

ringtones and car alarms, the political made personal over the birds
over the waves moved once by morning plough-star,
even these waves are deafened.
I turn on the music: Mongolian jew's harp
Zoltan Kodaly
Glenn Gould
on my folding computer, the counting machine,
its white plastic like hospital instruments
that fed and filled mouth of the broken bodied,
whose bones remember a world unsped, of power and passion,
now swept past behind the awl of morning star.