Max Wallis

Vowel Speak


met him
under a
vowel filled nighttime
of ohs, and yous, and ees, and Is.
Beneath the neon hued Can Club; just us, hand clenched tight
like crab claws. Mouths apart speaking of nothing, everything. The space between sighlences.


'Intricacy, delicacy, sensitivity and porn are just some of the people who populate the ever intriguing writings of Max Wallis, here we have a risk-taker whose imagination is as able as his talent. One of the most exciting young poets in quite some time.' (Gerry Potter, aka Chloe Poems). Described as the 'future of poetry' by David Hoyle, Max took Manchester 'word by a storm' (Tony Walsh) in 2010, performing across guest slots and at Kendal Calling Festival. He is based in London and Manchester where he is working on a debut novel and collection.