one day
I am free,
can I feel better
than now, incarcerated here?
Locked in this golden prison deprived of liberty.
Focused, contained and protected from pain, betrayal, doubt and from life's uncertainty.
Outside my honeyed cell, beauty burgeons and hope begins its excitement-kindling glow,promising a worldly embrace with that joyful unlocking.


After a career making Arts Programmes for British, American, Japanese and European broadcasters, wolfiewolfgang (aka Colin Bell), gave up television to concentrate on writing. He has published three children's stories (Novello's), film reviews (Mansized, the biggest men's health online website) and poetry in The Blotter and the Fib Review in the United States as well as articles for the annual Buxton Opera Festival Programme. With a novel and a half behind him, he writes poetry, flash fiction and short stories. He lives in Lewes, East Sussex, England and also writes a daily blog and other reviews as wolfiewolfgang on his website http://www.wolfiewolfgang.com