Submission Guidelines

You may submit original, unpublished Fibonacci works to The Fib Review by sending your Fibonacci poems, narratives, or experiments to

Work that has appeared in an online or in-print publication or journal is considered published. Any work that has appeared in an online workshop or newsletter is not considered published and may be submitted for consideration.

Make sure that what you send is your best work. Please also make sure to type in the subject line "For The Fib Review ." Submit the poems only in the body of the e-mail in plain text. No submission e-mails will be accepted with attachments. If for some reason your work is long and attachments might be necessary, contact the editor, Mary-Jane Grandinetti, at the above e-mail address first so that a plan can be formulated to receive your submission.

The Fib Review will accept submissions year-round and will publish accepted submissions in three issues to be published over the course of a calendar year.


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