John Lambremont Sr.

A Big Fibonacci (an acrostic)

Old March days,
Now Fat Tuesday plays;
Ascends King Rex, mirth incarnate;
Captains and couriers of his Krewe throw down doubloons;
Costumed revelers crowd the streets for throws, drink steadily flows, wild hi-jinks in scanty clothes;
In the morrow, not much sorrow, Lent descends, must make amends, try to stir your sleeping friends, streets are swept, piled-up neglect, best Mardi Gras yet.


John Lambremont, Sr. is a Pushcart Prize-nominated poet who lives with his wife, their Jack Russell terrier runt, and their fat gray tabby cat in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He has a B.A. in English-Creative Writing and a J.D. from Louisiana State University, where he studied writing under William 'Kit' Hathaway, Warren Eyster, and Jim Bennett, and his major focus was poetry. During this year, his poems have been published or accepted for future publication in A Hudson View (2009 Pushcart nomination), Boston Literary Magazine, Flutter Poetry Journal, Bear Creek Haiku, Pattaya Poetry Review, Jerry Jazz Musician, Shenom Magazine, and Lilliput Review. John enjoys modern jazz, playing the guitar, and adult baseball.