Editor's Note

Welcome to the Fib Review Issue #29. This issue features many remarkable poems from our returning poets - artists who express their poetic voices using such a restrictive poetry form. But this issue also introduces poets previously unpublished in the Fib Review. These fresh voices, added to our international poets has produced a great issue.

Why a journal of Fibonacci poetry? Maybe it's because such a unique poetry form needs to be shared, needs to give voice to the poets, who for some reason, find solace in counting syllables, or who connect to the way the Fib pattern lays on a page.

So why publish Fibonacci poetry? Why not?

Be sure to visit the Fib Review's Writer's Archive which links the over 200 previously published poets to the archived issues in which they were published.

Thanks to our webmaster, Lonnard Dean Watkins who makes our journal and our poets look amazing on the page.

Mary-Jane Grandinetti

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