Trevor Scott Barton
52 Hertz

Where Are You?
Wandering, Singing
Singing Unheard Wandering Songs

"Can You Hear Me? Are You There? Are You?
I Am Alone"

Listening, Longing For Songs Gently Sung
"I Hear You, Words On Water, I'm Here,
I'm Here"

We Sing At Diff'rent Frequencies
Migrate Along Diff'rent Routes
Wandering, Wondering

Unheard, Unknown,
Wandering The Sea
Words On Water

Singing Unheard Wondering Songs
Wondering, Singing
Who Are You?

There is a whale named 52 Hertz. Scientists named him that because when he sings, the frequency of his whale song is around 52 Hertz. When other whales sing their songs, they sing at frequencies between 15 and 25 Hertz. His song cannot be heard by any other whale. He is known as the loneliest whale in the world.

Normally whales are communal creatures. They live their lives in family groups. They migrate from warm waters to cooler waters to give birth and find food. They follow the same migration route from year to year. 52 Hertz is different. He lives alone. He does not follow a migration route. He wanders the ocean, a lonely, wandering whale.

We do not know what kind of whale 52 Hertz is. He could be a deformed blue or fin whale. He could be a cross breed of those two types of whales. Or he could be a kind of whale we have not discovered yet. He is an unknown whale.

Soon a team will set out on a seven week expedition in a part of the Pacific Ocean in search of 52 Hertz. Will they find him? Will he find them? Does he want to be found? I wonder.

So much of the life of a writer is like the life of 52 Hertz. We send out our words and hope that someone will hear them and sing back to us. We send our words over the water...and listen.