About Us
Where Did it Start?

The Fib Review started as an online journal under the auspices of Muse-Pie Press. R.G. Rader, who founded Muse-Pie Press in 1980, was intrigued by the new and exciting poetic form called the Fibonacci poem after reading about it in an article in the New York Times on April 14, 2006. The article discussed a blog page by Gregory K. Pincus, who popularized the short poetry form and gave it the nickname "Fib."

R.G. Rader created The Fib Review as an online journal shortly thereafter in 2006. Why an online journal? Literary journals have flourished exponentially in the 21st Century with many journals focusing on a particular type of literature or topic. Since the popularity of the Fib began on the internet as a result of a blog page, it seemed appropriate that the internet was the obvious and appropriate place for The Fib Review.

The Fib Review has been publishing only Fibonacci poems since the initiation in 2006. The Fibonacci poetry form has become more widespread, with Fibonacci contests and additional Fibonacci websites appearing each year. The Fib Review is proud to have been part of bringing this short poetry form to light through its publications and chapbook.

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