Issue # 11 December 2011
Editor's Note

I can't remember an issue that I was more excited to get published than The Fib Review Issue #11. This issue features several returning Fib Review poets and eleven new poets to its pages. These are poets who have taken a restrictive form like the Fibonacci number sequence and simply worked their poetic magic within its structure as if there were no limitations at all.

The poetry is fluid and powerful, experimental and traditional, with some poems stretching out into almost prose-like liquidity.

I hope you enjoy this issue of The Fib Review as much as I enjoyed working with the talented poets featured within. A special thanks to webmaster, Lonnard Dean Watkins, who always makes us all look good.

Be sure to visit the Fib Review's Writer's Archive which links the over 80 previously published poets to the archived issues in which they were published.

We are changing the publication dates for The Fib Review to February, June and October. Issue #12 will be published in June 2012, with this current Issue # 11 running until that time.

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Mary-Jane Grandinetti

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