shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


I am a grade 10 student and an aspiring writer.

Shawn Chang


August Sun of August


A phalanx neath the fiery golden Sun
In many a drawn-out day of dogs of heat
That growl and bark and bay; the rueful run
From day to night - the Fire whom we entreat:

The lonely orb in naked view since yore –
The Sun, the Fire, in essence same, unfeigned;
Shall anyone dare, venture to implore
The Sun to quit His shine of greed unreined.

The son of August, grave and grand, august,
Whose soul doth singe and sear with dignity.
And calling from within is but the lust –
The saintly, stately waves that sound for thee.

The brazen ball of fire whom all revere
In shade of true pride, thus aglow, severe.