shot glass
Issue # 7 May 2012
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Nabin Kumar Chhetri is a Nepalese poet. He is a member Scottish Pen. His poetry has been published in Apple Valley Review(Canada), Forge Journal (UK), Weyfarers(UK), Ricepaper Magazine(Canada), Penny Dreadful(USA), The Sun(India), Nosside Poetry Anthology 2010(Italy), Quest(India), Spinny Babbler(Nepal), Mawaheb( Canada), Poetry Quarterly(China), Fade Poetry Journal. ( UK), Cynic magazine, New York ( US), Tower Journal(US), Poetic Justice - Amnesty International Anthology( Scotland), Featured Poet of the week in Poetry Super Highway(US), Taj Mahal Review( India), Revival ( Ireland), Reverie Poetry Journal (US), Sixers Review(US), The Essence(UK), The Kathmandu Post(Nepal), Red Ochre Lit Journal (US) and Nosside Poetry Anthology 2011(Italy).

His poems are due to appear in The Single Hound ( US ), Dupage Valley Review, Benedictine University's Press (US) and Verse Wisconsin (US).

Nabin Kumar Chhetri


The Letter

Your letter has been folded and opened
a thousand times, as if each time I am looking
for a star, or moonshine, in that old, creased
landscape of your writing.

I imagine the touch of delicate, tender fingers
moving between the flow of words.
Your letter breathes you back.
I feel for the wind you have lived

in between the curves and hollows of your writing.
The sharp folds of your letter have moistened,
like this November evening, the air
suspended within the mist. Winter rain

sparkles in the electric garden light. Restless
wind-driven shadows of leaves, shake like my heart.
Something shifts within me, perhaps
a space that opens toward you.