shot glass
Issue # 6 January 2012
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Orla Fay is a member of Boyne Writers' Group. Her work has appeared in The Meath Chronicle, Boyne Berries Magazine, New Poems of Oriel, Crannog Magazine, Revival Poetry Journal, Wordlegs, The Linnet's Wings, Riposte, The Sharp Review, Ropes, National University of Ireland Galway's Writers' Society Writers' Exchange Chapbook and The Stony Thursday Book. She keeps a blog at

Orla Fay


The Healing Land

Rain is falling on the newly ploughed fields
where dark brown and heavy soil is rippled
as an aged man's hands become and forehead
full of creases, lines and drills that time yields.
On the slated garage roof rainwater runs,
washes its way down to the guttering.
"It is a wet day," we say, taking turns,
watch Lazarus in Wellingtons walking.
In the distance treetops misted over.
The daffodils gather together, whisper:
"We love your open heart, always remember
who you are though the winter has been harsh."
"We can attest to this," state the beech and ash,
"but in the healing land forget remorse."