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"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Dr. Neepa Sarkar's recent collaborative monograph will be published by IBIDEM Press in Spring 2024. She has a Ph. D in English Literature and has taught in the Department of English, Mount Carmel College, Bengaluru. She has been published in History Today and Middle West Review, Irish Studies Review, The Confidential Clerk, Mejo Journal, Journal of Literature and Aesthetics, Glocal Colloquies, De Gruyter Press and Lexington Books. Also, her creative works have been published in Within and Without Magazine, Wingless Dreamer Publications, Cyberwit publishers, Daath Voyage journal, Metonym Journal (Spring 2024), Shiuli Magazine ( December 2023), Curious Blue Press and Running Wild and RIZE Press (accepted 2025). Find her work here: https://filmsliteratureandphilosophy.

Neepa Sarkar


Vivacidad pura 1

The winter has begun. It never forgets to return to,
the late-night lamplit-dusky-roads that educe the burnished smog-ensconced-streets,
of frequents towns and cities of a nation.
Habitually, it often neglects anxious questions; instead, calms itself in susurrating cacophonies of dissonance and gestures of life.

Street veins slither and awn amidst the dense darkness of unlit lampposts and mute neon lights.
Lights that often repeat your smile on late autumn evenings with particularly beautiful eyes, of warm, long summer nights.
Summer, rain and autumn- we never completed the seasons, winter was left un-sojourned.
Mellow and mature, this serried wintry night hue, remains in my mnemonic queue.

I can never know what you looked like,
in cold, smog- filled winters, after countless detours,
waiting under flickering neon lights of a bustling city,
still somehow holding the world together in moments of pure aliveness that transcends the limits of the world.

1 'Vivacidad pura' (Octavio Paz)– pure aliveness– "Aliveness must be able to fail if it is to be truly alive." (Andreas Weber– Matter and Desire).