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"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare

Joannie Stangeland


Trace Left by a Moving Point

Curve of a thumbnail.
Curve of the cup and its handle.
Curve of a grin, just before full smile.
Curve of a wave breaking over
an old photo, waves of laughter traveling.

Curve in the road you can't see around
until you get past it, and there's a pasture,
some goats or a pony, its head curved into the grass.
Curve of an arbor rose-emboldened
and the curving backs of petals unfolding.
Curve of the pond's mucky edge.

Curve of a lens, the better to see with.
Curve of hip, lower lip, a shoulder, an ear.
The curves of branches reaching up to the night.
Rising above the sleeping trees,
the thinnest curve of moon.