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"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Jasmine Beth writes and performs songs, stories and poems. Her songs have been in finalists in the Great American Song Contest and the Australian Songwriting Contest. Her stories have been published in Microfiction Monday Magazine and longlisted in the Brilliant Flash Fiction Writing Contest. IG:@jasmine_beth_music T:@JasBethMusic

Jasmine Beth


The Sea

The teacher said, "Write what you know."
So, I wrote about the sea.
As a baby, I came from it, gasping for breath, screaming into air.
As a boy, I conquered it, riding its cool rush into the shore.
As a youth, I loved in it, thrilling at the touch of submerged skin.
As a man, I dreamt beside it, wading in warm shallows.
As an elder, I belonged to it, sailing over ancient depths.
How I yearn to return to it, gasping for breath, screaming but making no sound.
That's what I know about the sea.