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"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Frisk spends his days with his partner and dog in the mountains of Vancouver, British Columbia. His free time is dedicated to writing and creating music. His work has been published in Button Eye Review and Erbacce Press.

Frisk Normandy



I'm trapped in a phonebooth attempting a call
to a past life, circa nineteen-ninety-two.
I try to connect with my mother
to distract her from repeating the same mistakes.
In this recurring dream the receiver is silent.
The only sound is the moon as it wobbles
and scrapes across the atmosphere.
But the call never gets through, my words
caged within the mouthpiece seep out like a kink
that should've stayed fastened to the background.
I vacate the booth and continue creating demons
to use as alibis for crimes I have yet to commit.