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"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Nathan Lucaussy writes from West London. His work explores the awkward and the strange; those unvoiced thoughts we often won't admit to.

Nathan Sacha Lucaussy



Enter stage left.
Last Sunday they started a revolution
at Ryanair's Luton check-in desk:
a sudden vote to abolish
the queues at
BBC Good Food-Banks,
and the upper-second-class attitude
of upper-class-honours-degrees.
Aeroplanes shall be free, too.
free to trail-out
new dreamy clouds
without the heavy burden of
Costs per Available Seat Miles,
and the periphrastic articles
of the bag-drop Constitution. Clutch your rights to compensation
(in case your flight is delayed)
as the Revolutionary Committee is
now boarding
and will not take such matters