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"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare

Liam Strong



breach of contract. when the lightning has no follower. no iota of thrum. your father tells me he doesn't know what the words mean or why i snap them like twigs underfoot. it's false rhyme, a story sans story. your father barely opens his maw at a mention of the name. etymology: [powhm]. currant seeds, pummeled. pom, flutter of confetti. the colander stretched like trout over a spit, the sink about to slip. so with wisdom means no excitement. he must think i'm a sad person. in the evening, you have to help him with the insulin. he hobbles around like a poem. but he'd take offense, i'm sure, you're sure. his arm a curtain, him a curtain, his heavy cheeks a curtain. the sun finds its way in. even when it's not out.