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"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


I am writer and translator from South Korea. I have published various translated books of literature, humanities, social science, and natural science, and my book, 'The New Literary Revolution Of SF Tribes: The Birth And Soaring Of Science Fiction (original title: SF부족들의 새로운 문학 혁명, SF의 탄생과 비상)' that is SF literary criticism, and articles on literature in South Korea. I published a poem ("The Fall Of Snakes") in the magazine, Strange Horizons, and a poem ("The disappearance on a Summer") in Whispers of Spring: A Poetry Anthology by Wingless Dreamer. I am currently writing and translating in Seoul.

Jong-Ki Lim


The fall at dawn

At dawn, one beautiful leaf with a thousand patterns falls silently.
It sits down lightly on the earth.
The fallen leaf suffers no injuries.
But it is already dead,
like a fish on dry land.
Now its body will disappear without trace.
It is born from the world of silence
and returns to the world of silence whose color is perfect blue.
As the day goes by,
the ghost's heart beats slowly.

In another world, the blood vessel of the leaf sprouted red.

With the arrival of autumn,
countless leaves fall into their own universe,
especially at dawn,
I am one of them.