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"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Ying is an urban designer and structural engineer who divides her time between Singapore, the UK, and France. When not otherwise preoccupied with her day job, curating memes, or daydreaming about doing stand-up, she can be found scribbling and typing away; in the latter regard, she takes writing greeting cards rather seriously. While dipping her toes into poetry-prose and epistolary writing, she is also working on a satirical urban fiction graphic novel.

Chian Ying Xuan


Our House

come the day I'm left alone
still remembering you, but no longer with
our house remains, outliving us both
and until I go, too, I will keep suffusing it with you.
'You would have loved that,' in Spring
'You would have hated that,' – Summer.
'That's such thing,' in Autumn,
'Well, you're not around to complain about that anymore!' in Winter.