shot glass
Issue # 4 May 2011
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare

Sarah Anne Stinnett


He's Got The Hues

At times his floppy brown curls shield the world
From a fierce pierce of his wandering blue gaze.
He brushes them aside to see the swirls
Of paint upon the canvas of his day.
Between blushing cheeks his burgundy lips
Taste all the richness of candied apples,
But hush! Scarlet is always best to kiss.
Such a sneaky color, tough to tackle
Among such an array of hues-he grasps
At Her, trying not to lose sight, and yet
She's gone. She's faded into her one task:
Hoping, wishing He will never forget
How black and white the world can be without
The tender hues that love can bring about.